Where to Go

For all those years, I always know where to go though uncertainly.
For the past several month, I have to tell myself what to do in the next day.
Till now, to some extent I have no idea about my next step. I feel empty.
It’s a big world and we have a long human history. One man is no man.
You have to do something for the reason of provding food and warm for yourself.
What’s the reality?
You know something about your surroundings but you are afraid of the world.
You are able to forget the world but you are not being allowed to.
You often think you will be someone

周恩来,鲁迅,王小波,Albert Einstein,Linus Torvalds。
世界这么大,我并不知道我想要去的是哪里,you are lucky if you know。