TV Shows I've Watched

All those TV

  1. The Big Bang Theory
    Physics, Astronomy, theory and engineering
    nerds, who communicate with people in their own comfortable way
    focus more on things derived from nature instead of things about people
    they are kind of genius when they are in the face of particular problems

  2. House M.D.
    He in some way is totally a bad ass, but he can think differently.
    He is happy to fight with others and proving facts.

  3. Hannibal
    His sister was eaten by some people.
    He enjoys cooking people for eat.
    He can read other people’s mind.

  4. Friends

  5. Modern Family

  6. Grey’s Anatomy

  7. Breaking Bad

  8. Sherlock

  9. Suits

  10. White Collar

  11. Scorpion

  12. Fringe

  13. 24

  14. Elementary

  15. Mr. Robot

  16. Blindspot

  17. Quantico

  18. The Last Ship

  19. The Simpsons

  20. The Newsroom

  21. House of Cards

  22. Game of Thrones

  23. Madam Secretary

  24. How I met your mother

  25. The Last Man on Earth

  26. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

  27. Bodyguard

  28. Doctor Foster

  29. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

  30. Rick and Morty

  31. Orange is the New Black

  32. Westworld

  33. Outlander

  34. Black Mirror

  35. Chance

  36. Person Of Interest

  37. Tyrant

  38. Young Sheldon

  39. Prison Break